Experience with Wild Onyx Photography


Before my great grandmother passed she gifted me an onyx necklace. She placed it in my hand and said Lindsay this will protect you from the negativity of the world. Onyx is more than just a stone to me it is the energy that I put forth into the world. When choosing my business name I knew I wanted to use onyx to surround my business in positivity and to protect me as I grow.

North Carolina mountains, Great Lakes, trail chaser, dream maker, adventure seeker! I am constantly in the pursuit of pleasure while surrounding myself in bounties of nature, fresh air, beautiful landmarks, and beautiful free people! The wild is not a place it is my soul!



I'm a photographer passionate about capturing those wild moments. I aim to capture who you really are as a couple! No matter if you laugh or cry during your day! I want to capture those authentic moments you'll want to remember. My goal is for you to have an experience that will last a lifetime. I love photographing mountains and national parks. My photos are candid and help me to visually tell YOUR story. Let me tell YOUR amazing story through the eyes of a photographer! I only take 25 elopements/Weddings per year in order to provide the best client experience for all of my clients.


Choosing a photographer is one of the biggest decisions in planning for a wedding. The photos I take are photos that will show the memory of your special day and it is so important for you to pick someone who captures your day perfectly. Well no one is perfect in this world but I will try my best to make your wedding day the best day of your lives. I’m not the cheapest photographer out there and my style is definitely not for everyone. However, I put all my soul into my photography and will put in all the attention to make your day just as special as other brides before you.