Editing Photo Service

Why Outsource your images?

You probably want to spend more time with your family or work on other aspects of your business. This is an efficient way of getting all that precious time back in your life. Go spend this precious time with your amazing little kiddos, your dog and cat, or your spouse!


We fix wedding and portrait colorations in Lightroom!

Batch editing starting at $0.25 per image

Culling starting at $0.04 per image

Turn Around

5-10 day turnaround

Batch Editing + Culling

The following wedding was culled down from 3200 images. Culling can be to your liking and however many photos you would like to receive for your session or wedding.

The following was batch edited. Images by Wild Onyx Photography.

We are only taking on 3 photographers in 2019.

Email hello@wildonyxphotography.com for more info!