Lake Lanier Maternity Session| Atlanta Maternity Photographer| Wild Onyx Photography

"Growing up I had always dreamed of the day that motherhood would meet me. I always pictured the fairytale marriage, the day I would find out and most importantly those special maternity pictures. However, my pictures were going to be emotional ones and I didn't even know it. Here I am, 21 and a single mother bringing a baby boy into this world in the total opposite way that I had planned in my childhood mind. I didn't even know who was going to do them for me until an old friend of mine, Lindsay, got in touch with me. I was so nervous for the shoot that I even waited until the last minute to get ready. That's the reality of the insecurities pregnancy can sometimes bring, but the second I saw Lindsay I was immediately happy and comfortable. The comfortability of it just grew the more we were taking pictures. Having someone behind the camera remind you of how beautiful you are in a time that you don't believe it so much was an amazing feeling. Then to see the photographer get emotional just made me so grateful that even if I don't feel beautiful, carrying a child is a beautiful thing. Once I saw a sneak peak of the pictures I completely fell in love. With Lindsay and her work, my body, the background, everything. I can not wait until my baby boy is here so that we can have another beautiful photo shoot with my son! The photographer can truly impact not just how pictures physically turn out but the emotional impact they have as well. “ -Jaylyn