Franny's Farm Wedding| Asheville Wedding Photographer

Even when it is snowing outside, a farm wedding with goats will always be amazing. JD and Sabrina were such an amazing couple.

How JD and Sabrina met: It was Halloween. I was Cat Woman, (Halley Berry one) and he was Bobby Rhinestone. That night we lost each other before exchanging information. It wasn't until the next year I joined a dating website. I received a sweet message from him, with his contact info. At that point, three dates with some questionable characters later I deleted my account, but not before saving his information first! Our first date, he told me he was going to marry me! Of course I laughed at him, but it didn't feel as crazy as it sounded. He felt like home. We had been shopping for a TV at Sam's. He was being really weird the entire trip, and I couldn't wait to get out of the store! Once in the car, we decided to order pizza. As I was dialing the number, I heard him say Sabrina. I turned around and he was holding a little black box with a diamond ring, sporting the biggest goofiest grin I had ever seen. "will you marry me?" Yes, without hesitation, I said yes.