Boone NC Proposal| Proposal at Crab Orchard Falls| Boone NC Engagement Photographer

Throughout this whole session, Jacob and Emylin were perfect. Jacob trusted me during the whole engagement process and it makes me so happy because this couple was amazing.  Jacob asked me where a good place for his proposal would be and I mentioned a waterfall in Banner Elk and so he said that would be an amazing place so we ended up having their proposal at the Crab Orchard Waterfall. 

How Jacob and Emylin and meet: We met my sophomore year, and his junior year of high school. We had a connection from the start, and always found conversation and jokes easy to come by. However, he was told by another guy that liked me that I was already with someone, so we met up again my sophomore year of college and we have been together ever since.

Emylin - I knew Jacob was the one when we were on our first date. Nothing was awkward, and everything felt perfect. He reminded me of my dad (and still does), and knew my sense of humor (which is very important to me). Besides this, he looked at me the way no other man had and I saw my future in him. Especially when his face was covered in mayonnaise and he didn't know it. Jacob - I knew there was something special about Emylin when I first met her in high school. I always looked forward to seeing her in class or just having a short conversation. When we reconnected in college, everything fell right into place. When she smiles at me, I feel something greater than happiness, something I can't really explain. We could talk and laugh for hours. She's more than just my person, she's my best friend. Me knowing she was the one was not a moment, but a feeling that has always been there.